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Interactive Whiteboards Can Improve Your Classroom Engagement


Those who remember the chalkboard may also be acquainted with interactive whiteboards. These teaching tools not only empower instructors by giving them a platform upon which to present information, but interactive whiteboards also make students feel like they are part of the lessons taught over the podium. The experts have studied the pros and cons, and it appears that whiteboards are the next level of classroom engagement.

Catch Student's Attention with an Interactive Whiteboard Lesson

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The use of an interactive whiteboard in the classroom is a great way to drive lessons home to students without simply writing on a boring board. Kids today are used to screens, and they look for the stimulation that they get from all of the functions of those screens. With an interactive whiteboard, it is much easier for teachers to get, and keep, their attention during lessons.

Using Interactive Whiteboards for Education

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Interactive whiteboards are a new classroom favorite for both teachers and students. These new hybrids of an erasable whiteboard, old-fashioned chalkboard, and overhead projector make it easier for teachers to personalize lessons and make classes dynamic. This helps students focus on the material and stay engaged with the professor, and emphasizes the important points of the lesson for visual learners. Many large, well-regarded schools, such as the University of Oregon and Clemson University, have made the switch to interactive whiteboards and touchscreens, with great success.

5 Ways Interactive Whiteboards Improve Collaboration

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Your company probably installed a traditional whiteboard in the conference room years ago. Very like likely no one uses it anymore, and if they do, the experience undoubtedly falls short.

In the same way that whiteboards and wipe-off markers made it easy to say goodbye to traditional chalkboards, interactive digital whiteboards have made physical whiteboards all but irrelevant.

Here's how interactive whiteboards can bring greater productivity and impact to your organization's meetings.


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