Improve Your Meetings with Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard in use

Has your company discovered the benefits of interactive whiteboards to conduct meetings? Here's how this innovative technology can help your staff accomplish more at every meeting.

Connect More People

With interactive whiteboards, your meetings aren't limited to the staff members who can attend in person. Interactive whiteboards are designed to improve collaboration, even when meeting attendees are on the other side of the country or the world. Attendees remoting in from offsite locations can see, hear, and contribute with ease. Password protections keep unauthorized persons from slipping in undetected.

A Step Up from Traditional Methods

Interactive whiteboards can replace traditional methods of sharing information during a meeting.

  • Printing — Instead of printing every document required for your meeting, attendees can pull up files from document management systems using their mobile devices, laptops, or USB drives. Meeting coordinators can share documents directly on the whiteboard screen, add notations, and save changes for further review. Companies save on printing costs, reduce their environmental impact, and eliminate the need for someone to spend hours printing and copying documents.
  • Traditional whiteboards — Dry erase boards were a welcome upgrade from conventional chalkboards, but when it comes to saving information, they're not much of an improvement. Interactive whiteboards eliminate the problem of losing information when it's time to move on to a new subject, and sharing data is much faster than handwriting every thought.
  • Phone conference calls — Conference calls with attendees listening in via phone have their place, but if you've got critical data to share, a phone call isn't the best option. With no way to see documents or keep track of changes, errors and miscommunication are the most likely results.

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