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Enrich the Classroom Experience With Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard

High-tech additions to your classroom can provide a wealth of new opportunities for learning. Tablets, interactive whiteboards, and printers are just a few of the basics that can transform a dull classroom into a dynamic, collaborative learning experience.

Here's how technology is changing the way students learn, and what your school district can do to pave the way to a tech-driven classroom experience.

Revolutionize Your Meetings With Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard

You've no doubt used a traditional whiteboard as a tool during staff meetings, training sessions, and conferences. As a step-up from chalkboards, whiteboards were a welcome change.

Interactive whiteboards are a radical departure from old-school processes. Think of a very large touchscreen panel that can be accessed simultaneously by several users, including those in satellite locations, and you'll have an idea how different interactive whiteboards are from their predecessors.

Four Ways Interactive Whiteboards Improve Collaboration

Instructor Teaching his Students on the Computer in Class

Traditional screen sharing improved the way team members communicate and collaborate, but modern businesses are beginning to embrace interactive whiteboards to improve upon these solutions. Read on to discover how to make your presentations and meetings more productive and engaging with interactive whiteboards.

Build Stronger Communications With Interactive Whiteboards

Now and then a new tool comes along that revolutionizes the way we work and interact. Interactive whiteboards are one such tool. Read on to learn how your business could reap some significant advantages.

Three Ways to Gain

Not sure how your company would use an interactive whiteboard? Here are three can't-miss benefits you and your team will love.

Interactive Whiteboard Basics in Five Steps

Interactive whiteboards can take your presentations, lessons, and training sessions to an entirely new and exciting level. With interactive whiteboards as your new high-tech assistant, your staff or classroom will retain more information, maintain interest longer, and get more enjoyment from the presentation.

Getting Started

If you're nervous about deploying interactive whiteboards for your business or school, you shouldn't be. Interactive whiteboards are easy and fun to learn and use.

Interactive Whiteboards in the Special Needs Classroom

It's no secret that interactive whiteboards have made a highly successful transition from the board room to the classroom. Long a favorite as a tool for employee training sessions and hands-on conferences, learning institutions have discovered that interactive whiteboards can be just as intriguing in the classroom.


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