5 Ways Interactive Whiteboards Improve Collaboration

interactive whiteboard in use

Your company probably installed a traditional whiteboard in the conference room years ago. Very like likely no one uses it anymore, and if they do, the experience undoubtedly falls short.

In the same way that whiteboards and wipe-off markers made it easy to say goodbye to traditional chalkboards, interactive digital whiteboards have made physical whiteboards all but irrelevant.

Here's how interactive whiteboards can bring greater productivity and impact to your organization's meetings.

1. Real-time participation — In a traditional meeting, it's easy to zone out or even multitask by checking email or working on a to-do list. Interactive whiteboards engage participants in a way that makes them eager to focus on the content. Users can participate and interact via the whiteboard both on-site and by remoting in via laptop or mobile device.

2. Collaboration at its finest — Interactive whiteboards are unique in that users can drop notes and images directly to the whiteboard screen. And users can participate interactively no matter where they're located, pulling information from document management systems, websites, and other sources with ease.

3. Responsive display — Far from static, interactive whiteboards allow team members to write or sketch directly on the screen. Participants can add notes and sketches using their finger or an electronic pen for a smooth writing experience that rivals traditional methods.

4. Data collection — Participants and administrators can easily see who has logged into or left the session. Session managers and participants can also save and share meeting results with others.

5. Security solutions — Interactive whiteboards protect your content with the latest security protocols. Users login using secure passwords—a simple solution that keeps unauthorized users from accessing your meeting content.

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