Top Teaching Apps for Interactive Whiteboards

teacher working with student at board

An interactive whiteboard is a great tool for teaching, but many teachers find that it works best when it's paired with a helpful teaching app. These three apps are all free and each brings something to the teaching process through the whiteboard.


Characters that look like cartoons are featured in engaging stories that kids love to see. There is a new Featured Movie every day, providing a wealth of teaching content for the classroom. The characters teach about earth science, current news, important historical dates and more. It fits well into a number of different lessons, and it's engaging enough to keep the audience watching.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a familiar app among teachers, and it's worked well for classrooms for several years. This free app comes with a lot of learning materials, including literature, math, music languages and more. It uses different types of media to teach its lessons. There are videos available along with interactive lessons for students. It's a fun way to introduce them to certain concepts, and it always keeps their attention.

Spritz Reader

This app uses a method it calls "spritzing." The app uses its own proprietary technology to help kids to read specific texts with its own special technique. It teaches kids how to read each word in turn by using its own patented visuals to help students. This app has an educational extension that allows other texts to be read with the Spritz method.

All of these apps can help to liven up the lessons kids get at the interactive whiteboard. These whiteboards contain a world of potential teaching methods, and using these fun apps is a great way to change up lessons and give kids a new way to learn their lessons. When you're ready to look into interactive whiteboards to find the best one for your classroom, contact us to find out what we have to offer your school.