Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom—A Win for Everyone

Innovative educators know that it's easier to engage students when we're willing to get out of our comfort zone. If you've ever gone to a young person for help with your smartphone or tablet (C'mon, just admit it!), you know how excited they can get about technology. You also know that, in most cases, their over-your-head, rapid-fire explanation showcases impressive knowledge and advanced skills that are mostly self-taught.

Ramp Up Interest for Your Next Meeting With an Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are a favorite in the classroom, and the business boardroom is beginning to catch on. Interactive whiteboards use a computer to project multimedia presentations onto a display screen. Users cite improved viewing and collaboration as the top advantages. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons businesses are eager to try an interactive whiteboard.

Three Ways Interactive Whiteboards Help Students Succeed

Classrooms across the country are discovering a new and exciting learning tool in interactive whiteboards. By combining the practicality of a whiteboard with the functionality of a computer screen, teachers can engage their classrooms in ways unheard of just a short time ago. In basic terms, interactive whiteboards allow teachers to project computer content directly to whiteboard screens. Teachers can share images, sound, and video from computer screens, tablets, smartphones and USB drives.


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