Using Interactive Whiteboards for Education

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are a new classroom favorite for both teachers and students. These new hybrids of an erasable whiteboard, old-fashioned chalkboard, and overhead projector make it easier for teachers to personalize lessons and make classes dynamic. This helps students focus on the material and stay engaged with the professor, and emphasizes the important points of the lesson for visual learners. Many large, well-regarded schools, such as the University of Oregon and Clemson University, have made the switch to interactive whiteboards and touchscreens, with great success.

What Are The Advantages of Using an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard includes components that can reach all students, regardless of the way they learn. Thanks to the interactive nature and easy incorporation of all media types, both auditory and visual learners can absorb the material. Some capabilities an interactive whiteboard gives teachers might include:

  • Scroll quickly through photos, diagrams and other media instead of having to download and open each one
  • Add important notes and details to presentation slides, allowing the teacher to change things on the fly instead of having to re-do the entire presentation
  • Lets the teacher play songs, videos or other media and visit websites to see supporting information
  • Add formulas and other notes to the presentation during the lecture, helping the students understand key concepts

Large format touch screens give teachers the increased ability to add elements to presentations with a simple click, making it easy to cover even complex topics that require multiple slides to teach. The high resolution and above average picture quality on these screens make it easy for students to see everything, even in the largest lecture halls. Plus, the interactive element the screen adds makes it easy for students to get involved in the lesson or highlight sections that lead to questions.

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