Interactive Whiteboards Can Improve Your Classroom Engagement


Those who remember the chalkboard may also be acquainted with interactive whiteboards. These teaching tools not only empower instructors by giving them a platform upon which to present information, but interactive whiteboards also make students feel like they are part of the lessons taught over the podium. The experts have studied the pros and cons, and it appears that whiteboards are the next level of classroom engagement.

What are interactive whiteboards?

An interactive whiteboard is one in which the instructor presents his lecture notes to students, who, in turn, have the opportunity to interact with the information presented in real-time. The best example of this type of technology is found in the nineteenth century when teachers brought students to the front of the classroom to write on the chalkboard. There was a sense of embarrassment back then because the student was forced to stand in front of his peers and deliver his findings, which may have been incorrect. Now, interactive boards take away the stigma by letting students remain seated while presenting their interpretation of the material presented. 

Does an interactive whiteboard change things?

Yes, an interactive whiteboard has the power to change the way that a classroom operates. Several studies find that classroom engagement increases by at least 25 percent when students feel like they are part of the lesson. An interactive whiteboard is the best way to include everyone, which essentially means that a teacher's classroom can go from boring to fascinating by using this tool. 

What is the best way to use an interactive whiteboard?

The best way to use interactive whiteboards is with "clickers" and stylus pens. "Clickers" are devices that allow teachers to take a poll and get results in real-time. The instructor can, for instance, ask a multiple-choice question about World War II to gauge how much her students already know about the historical event. The results from the poll can post to the interactive whiteboard immediately and are entirely anonymous, so no student has to feel nervous about sharing the wrong answer. "Clickers" are a great way to break the ice so that students remain engaged throughout the lesson. 

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