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How to Tell if Your Office Equipment Has a Hard Drive

hard drive

The hard drive of a piece of office equipment stores a lot of data, and the use and disposal of it should be safeguarded. While everyone knows that a computer has a hard drive, many people aren't aware that there are many other office machines that also contain them. Here's how you can tell whether a piece of your own office equipment has one or not.

RGB vs CMYK Color Printing

RGB vs CMYK vector

Understanding the difference between the color models that exist and how you can use office equipment to elicit the visual effect you want helps your design team be more efficient and produce better advertising or company materials. Using the right color model saves time and effort as your team can be sure to create designs and client work in the appropriate format, which helps you deliver projects on time and within the budgeted amount of hours.

Save Time and Money in 2019 with Professional Print Management

team of people collaborating

Maintaining your office equipment may not seem like a big deal—just fix things when they break and use them in the meantime. While this approach seems like the simplest way to focus on your business instead of your office equipment, it could be doing more damage than you realize. Here's how a professional print management approach could save your organization time and money.


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