Advantages of Leasing a Copier

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The copier that your office uses should be one that has the features your employees want to use. But, it doesn't have to be purchased equipment. Often, a copier lease is better for a business for a variety of technological and technical reasons. Here are a few things to think about before you commit to a purchase.

Small Expenditures

When you make an outright purchase of one or more copiers, you spend a lot of money all at one time. This is almost impossible to budget for, as it blows the monthly budget usually spent on supplies and office equipment. To make it easier to fit into a budget, leasing a copier costs only the much-smaller amount of the lease each month, and it's always the same amount. This causes far fewer problems for the company accountant, and it makes supply and resource planning easier for everyone.

Trying Copiers in the Office

Do you know the perfect model of copier for your office right now? Chances are that you don't. This is because there are so many types with different features that it can be hard to know which ones will be used most often in the office. When you lease, however, you can try out different models. If you find that one doesn't have the features your employees are used to, you can send it back and replace it with one that does.

The Latest Copier Technology

Copiers are now smarter than ever before. But if you buy a copier up front, you are locked into the current technology in copiers. One of the biggest problems that many companies have with their copier technology is not being up to date. When you're locked into a copier because it was purchased, you will likely need to wait years to upgrade your machine so that you don't spend too much on office equipment. To get your money's worth, the copier should be kept for as many years as possible, even as newer models with brand new features are released on the market. When you lease one, however, you can trade it in on a newer model as needed.

When you're ready to look at copier leases for your business, contact us to get started.