How to Limit Your Environmental Impact in the Office

environmental impact

Everyone is more conscious of their environmental impact these days, and there are a lot of things that can be done to minimize it while at work. Every office can make small changes that curb that environmental impact. Sometimes, it comes down to simply using their office equipment a little differently.

Printing and the Environment

One easy way to be more environmentally-friendly in the office is to use natural inks that are better for the ecosystem. It's also important to recycle the ink cartridges when they are empty to keep them out of landfills. They can easily be recycled by the business you choose to return them to. Most office stores have a recycling program for them. Another way to use your office equipment for a better environment is to not print items as dark as usual. Don't use as much bold printing, etc., and you will save ink.

Paper and Plastic Recycling

If you don't already have a paper and plastic recycling area in the office, this is the perfect time to start. Often, the paper recycling area is put near the printer so that items that are no longer needed after being printed can be put into the box. It may be necessary to remind employees to place anything recyclable into these boxes so that the company doesn't have unnecessary waste.

LED Light Fixtures for Less Energy Usage

To use less energy, consider using LED lights instead of regular, incandescent bulbs. This allows each bulb to use less energy. It also may allow the office to use less air conditioning to keep the office cool. LEDs also produce less heat as they put out light, so the office won't get that extra heat and need to compensate for it with air conditioning.

If you want your office equipment to have less of an environmental impact, contact us to find out more about what you and your employees can do to make it happen.