RGB vs CMYK Color Printing

RGB vs CMYK vector

Understanding the difference between the color models that exist and how you can use office equipment to elicit the visual effect you want helps your design team be more efficient and produce better advertising or company materials. Using the right color model saves time and effort as your team can be sure to create designs and client work in the appropriate format, which helps you deliver projects on time and within the budgeted amount of hours. While neither color model is inclusive of every shade that exists in nature, you can use either model to trick the viewer's eye into seeing the image you create.

Most of the popular design programs used by professional teams, like Adobe Photoshop, give you the ability to set the mode you want to use in order to design a project that will turn out right in the end.

Using RGB for Digital Projects

RGB is a traditional and straightforward color model that includes shades of red, green and blue. These colors are meant for use with digital media formats, like websites, PDFs, social media posts and videos. When used for traditional print projects, like fliers and magazine or newspaper ads, these colors may not combine properly and look the same as they do on your monitor. This is because the infusion of light that filters through a screen helps the color to blend and create the effect you want.

Creating Print Projects in CYMK

CYMK color modeling includes tones of blue, pink, yellow and black to create more complex shades that the eye can see best when printed. These colors are printed as tiny dots with small fixed spaces between them that combine to create a larger image. If you're going to create a project for print, designing in these colors will help you get the right effect in the final product.

American Business Equipment can help you understand the nature of each color model and the best ways to use them to create the look you want in digital or printed materials. We can also advise you on the best type of printer or copier to bring in-house to make your designs stand out when printed. Contact us today to get started.