Easy Solutions for Office Equipment Problems

printer in use

The office printer gets so much action; it's the real workhorse of the office. All of that use means that this essential office equipment can experience its share of problems. When a problem strikes, there are often ways that you can fix it and get the machine up and running again.

When the Printing Stops

If the printer simply won't print, there are a number of factors that you can check yourself instead of calling for repairs. The first of these is to make sure that the printer itself is turned on, that it is plugged in and that it is connected to the company's computer network. If all of those issues check out, see whether there is any paper in the machine for it to print on. If there is, is the paper too thick or the wrong shape or size for your printer? All of these factors sound basic, but these issues are often the cause of the office equipment not working.

Printing Too Slowly

When a printer is running slowly, there are several factors that may be the cause. If the printer has been turned off for a while or is waiting in sleep mode, the printing will be slower as the machine warms up for the day. If you are printing pictures that are large or highly detailed, this too can take the machine longer. One easy way to make your printer work faster is to change the print quality to a lesser one such as black and white or draft.

Paper Jams

When the paper is stuck or the printing stops without ejecting the paper, you have a paper jam. The best way to remedy this is to simply find the paper or papers that have clogged the printer and remove them. When you do, remove the rest of the paper as well in order to check it out. It may be that there is a problem with the paper being sized wrong or it may be wet or swollen with humidity. If there is nothing wrong with the paper, place it back into the paper tray to be used.

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