Save Time and Money in 2019 with Professional Print Management

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Maintaining your office equipment may not seem like a big deal—just fix things when they break and use them in the meantime. While this approach seems like the simplest way to focus on your business instead of your office equipment, it could be doing more damage than you realize. Here's how a professional print management approach could save your organization time and money.

A Professional Approach

Your office equipment is squarely in the center of your workflows, and it's an essential tool for employee productivity. Let's take a look at a better way to manage your copiers and printers.

The average print infrastructure uses about 3% of annual revenues, a cost that takes third place just behind office space and salaries. Many companies lack the tools to oversee print environments, which means they have no idea of their total yearly print spend.

Outsourcing print management to a professional means your equipment can be more efficient and cost less to operate and maintain. Professional fleet management also relieves your team of time-consuming tasks like taking meter reads, installing new equipment, troubleshooting equipment issues, and ordering supplies.

Here's an overview of the benefits of professional fleet management.

  • A streamlined fleet with no redundancies
  • Streamlined workflows with equipment that's better suited to your requirements
  • Solutions to curb excessive printing
  • Automatic meter reads to keep tabs on usage
  • Remote monitoring to generate proactive maintenance and repair solutions
  • Remote monitoring of toner levels to avoid shortages and wasteful spending on unnecessary supplies
  • Routine maintenance based on usage and performance rather than the traditional break-fix approach
  • Fewer office equipment downtime events for better overall productivity

Is it possible that maintaining your office equipment can be a more straightforward, less expensive process than what you're currently doing? To find out how your company could benefit, contact us at American Business Equipment today!