Get More Value From Your Meetings with Video Conferencing

If your meetings are falling flat, perhaps it's time to try something new. Meetings are a perfect opportunity to engage with employees and pitch new ideas, but unfortunately many don't accomplish these goals. The problems stem not from the information presented, but from the way it's delivered.

What Your Getting Now

If you're not convinced that the traditional meeting format isn't working out, consider these statistics:

Interactive Whiteboard Basics in Five Steps

Interactive whiteboards can take your presentations, lessons, and training sessions to an entirely new and exciting level. With interactive whiteboards as your new high-tech assistant, your staff or classroom will retain more information, maintain interest longer, and get more enjoyment from the presentation.

Getting Started

If you're nervous about deploying interactive whiteboards for your business or school, you shouldn't be. Interactive whiteboards are easy and fun to learn and use.

The Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment

Starting or expanding a business can take every bit of capital your company has on hand. The right office equipment is an essential part of the picture, but you may not want to tie up your working capital to acquire the devices you need.

Leasing your office equipment is a workable alternative to purchasing and one that many organizations use to stretch tight budgets.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Video Conferencing

Meetings are an unavoidable part of business life, and finding new ways to increase their impact is critical. With 92% of attendees admitting to using meetings to multitask, there's clearly room for improvement.

Video conferencing is one method smart companies are using to get more from their meetings. Here's a list of benefits your company could get when you deploy a video conferencing system for your events.

Moving to a New Location? Congratulations!

Moving to a new office location can be a heady experience. Company growth and increased visibility are often the reasons behind a move to new quarters, and it's important not to let the hassles of moving diminish what should be a positive experience.

To that end, here's a simple list to help you organize your move and eliminate unnecessary problems due to improper planning.

Thirty to Sixty Days Ahead of the Move

Moving is rarely easy, and it's never too early to begin tackling a few key projects.

Interactive Whiteboards in the Special Needs Classroom

It's no secret that interactive whiteboards have made a highly successful transition from the board room to the classroom. Long a favorite as a tool for employee training sessions and hands-on conferences, learning institutions have discovered that interactive whiteboards can be just as intriguing in the classroom.

Are You Missing Out on Video Conferencing?

If your company has yet to deploy video conferencing, you could be missing out. Missing out on opportunities to improve collaboration. Missing out on finding the best employees. Missing out on the latest trends that could attract talented millennials to your company.

If you'd rather not be known as the company who missed the boat, read on to find out why you should plan to hop in now.


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