3 Ways Mobile Printing Adds Value to Your Business

mobile devices in use

We live in an era of smart devices. Our phones, watches, and even our refrigerators connect with us and each other to share information and help us keep up with everyday activities.

Smart office equipment can make life easier at work, too. From mobile printing to paperless business processes, your office equipment has solutions to streamline most of the processes you need in a typical workday.

Here's how one of those office equipment solutions—mobile printing—can help your company be more productive.

New Flexibility

Your employees may work away from the office as often as they work in it, and some of them may not come into the office at all. A mobile printing solution allows them access to your office equipment, even when they're not on-site.

  • Multitask by sending a print job to the office while waiting in line at the post office.
  • Print an important document on the multifunction system at a hotel's shared office space.
  • Give customers secure access to your office equipment.
  • Print contract proposals while at a client's office to help the process move forward.

Improved Security

If you're concerned about security, a mobile printing solution can help ease your mind. A strategic approach to mobile printing eliminates the risks your company faces when employees seek other solutions. By using mobile printing solutions compatible with your office equipment, you bypass security risks that can occur when printing from mobile devices.

More Value for Your Company

A new Cisco study revealed that 90% of U.S. workers use their personally-owned mobile devices for work. Employees like the convenience of mobility, and your company can add value by embracing their eagerness to improve the way they get work done. Mobile printing is part of that solution.

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