The Cost of Inefficient Video Conference Meetings

video conference

While video conference meetings can save time and help your team coordinate regardless of physical location, inefficient video meetings can be a waste of time and resources. It's important to set up conferences properly so you can reach the desired outcome and solve the issues facing your team. If you've been having trouble keeping your team meetings on track and productive, it's important to identify the main issues that are keeping your meetings from being successful and use your tools to resolve them. 

Office Furniture and Taxes

tax deductible

In the office, an enormous part of the way business gets done depends on the office furniture that employees are provided with. That furniture creates individual workspaces, supplies the employees with comfort and provides employees with spaces for both quiet workspaces and collaboration areas. Your office furniture also comes with its own tax rules that can greatly benefit your company.

How to Tell if Your Office Equipment Has a Hard Drive

hard drive

The hard drive of a piece of office equipment stores a lot of data, and the use and disposal of it should be safeguarded. While everyone knows that a computer has a hard drive, many people aren't aware that there are many other office machines that also contain them. Here's how you can tell whether a piece of your own office equipment has one or not.

Hosting Video Conferences

video conference

Virtually every business needs to hold conferences now and then. Even a very small company will have to get its employees together for announcements, assignments and to organize projects. However, not every employee will be in the same building at the same time. And when people from other companies need to be in the conference, the logistics can get even more complicated. To make everything far easier, there is video conferencing.


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