Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting

Taking a Deeper Look at Your Printing Costs

Cost Accounting is a helpful process for any business. American Business Equipment can help you assess and analyze the finances that go into your printing or document solutions. By the end of the process, companies know where their money is going and how to manage it in the future.

Why Use Cost Accounting?

When you can identify areas that are doing well and areas of improvement, you can make strategic decisions to guide their business to success. According to research, companies spend up to 3% of their annual budgets just on printing. When you aren’t diligent about tracking these expenses, you risk having this money go to waste.

Cost Accounting from ABE gives you these benefits:

Detailed, Accurate Printing Data

You’ll be able to track how your printers are used throughout your workplace. You can develop lists on specific devices as well as groups or independent users.

Info on Inefficiencies and Printing Waste

ABE’s Cost Accounting can help you see who prints the most, what they print and which devices they use. If excessive or needless printing occurs in your office, you can use this information to set restrictions and instill greater accountability.

ABE’s Other Document Solutions

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We can help you bring your printing expenses under control.