The Pros and Cons of Mesh Task Chairs

mesh chair

The office furniture that you choose becomes an important part of the office itself. It's where your employees sit, how they hold information, where they spend their time and where they collaborate with others. Many offices wonder whether mesh task chairs are a comfortable choice for employees or whether these might prove uncomfortable over time. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Using Interactive Whiteboards for Education

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are a new classroom favorite for both teachers and students. These new hybrids of an erasable whiteboard, old-fashioned chalkboard, and overhead projector make it easier for teachers to personalize lessons and make classes dynamic. This helps students focus on the material and stay engaged with the professor, and emphasizes the important points of the lesson for visual learners. Many large, well-regarded schools, such as the University of Oregon and Clemson University, have made the switch to interactive whiteboards and touchscreens, with great success.

RGB vs CMYK Color Printing

RGB vs CMYK vector

Understanding the difference between the color models that exist and how you can use office equipment to elicit the visual effect you want helps your design team be more efficient and produce better advertising or company materials. Using the right color model saves time and effort as your team can be sure to create designs and client work in the appropriate format, which helps you deliver projects on time and within the budgeted amount of hours.

5 Features to Look for in a Video Conferencing Solution

video conferencing

Video conferencing can help your organization make every meeting more productive, even when attendees are out of the area. But with so many technologies and equipment providers to choose from, where do you start?

To get the most benefit from your video conferencing system, you'll want to choose a platform that includes these five essential features.


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