Your Office Equipment and Security Risks

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The office equipment in today's workspaces bears little resemblance to the machines of even the recent past. While keyboards are one common feature that has stood the test of time, few could have imagined the powerful data storage capabilities of computers, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards, scanners, and multifunction printing and copying systems with touchscreen interfaces.

Improve Your Onboarding Process With Technology

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Technology has driven some impressive improvements in the employee onboarding process. Instead of being asked to read printed manuals, employees may be directed to company websites. Welcome letters are often in the form of email, and HR forms are filled out using eForms. A "welcome to the company" from executives may even come in the form of a video conferencing session.

How to Keep Your Office Furniture Looking Like New

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There's nothing quite like new office furniture and equipment to inspire creativity, make employees feel welcome and appreciated, and let your customers know you care enough to invest in the appearance of your office. To keep that office furniture looking and functioning like new, we'd like to recommend a few simple care and maintenance tips.

Revolutionize Your Meetings With Interactive Whiteboards

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You've no doubt used a traditional whiteboard as a tool during staff meetings, training sessions, and conferences. As a step-up from chalkboards, whiteboards were a welcome change.

Interactive whiteboards are a radical departure from old-school processes. Think of a very large touchscreen panel that can be accessed simultaneously by several users, including those in satellite locations, and you'll have an idea how different interactive whiteboards are from their predecessors.

Get More From Your Meetings With Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing is an affordable alternative to face-to-face meetings with staff members, business partners, and clients. If you're looking for a solution that saves time and money while increasing communication, you'll want to give video conferencing some serious consideration.

The Major Benefits

Video conferencing is changing meetings for the better. Here are a few key benefits:

5 Reasons to Try a Shared Office Concept

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Shared office spaces are the newest workplace trend, and business leaders are discovering why. Adding 21st-century solutions like remote working, BYOD policies, and open office space is a sure way to attract the latest talent in your field.

From lower costs to improved productivity, coworking may be the perfect solution for your organization. Here's why:

7 Money-Saving Print-Policy Essentials

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A workplace print policy is a business leader's first line of defense when it comes to high printing costs. Check out these tips to begin establishing an organization-wide print policy today!

  1. Default to savings. Modern office equipment is designed with savings in mind. Default options include cost-saving settings like automatic duplexing, draft modes, and black-and-white printing.


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