3 Tips for a Professional Video Conferencing Meeting

video conferencing

Today's video conferencing systems use powerful technology solutions for as many as 30 users at one time. But even with technology on your side, a lot can happen to make your session less than satisfactory. Here's how to make sure you portray a professional image during company video conferencing meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Does Your Office Furniture Reflect Your Company Culture?

office furniture

Does your company's office environment portray the right image? Does it reflect your company mission statement and culture and provide a positive space for employee growth and collaboration?

If it's time for an office furniture update, read on to find out why it's so important to prioritize your company workspaces and customer-facing areas.

Boost Employee Productivity with New Office Furniture

office furniture

Is it time for an office furniture check-up in your workspace? Before you dismiss your furnishings as unimportant to your overall goal of growing your business, read on to find out why your office furniture can have a surprising impact on your success.

Why Your Office Furniture Matters

There's no question that our surroundings impact everything from our mood to our productivity. Here's what studies and experience have proven time and again.

Enhance Security and Save Money with Shared Office Equipment

office equipment

Is your print environment secure, or is a fleet of outdated office equipment putting your information at risk? Solutions found in the latest office equipment address the issue of print security, and they do a great job of reducing costs caused by unnecessary printing too.

Here's how you can gain access to the one-two solution of improved security and lowered costs at the same time.

Get More From Your Video Conferencing Presentations

video conferencing

A state-of-the-art video conferencing system can take your presentations and meetings from blah and boring to exciting and visually engaging. Even so, the best video conferencing presentation is only as good as your preparations. If your presentations have left your audience uninterested, check out our tips for a better experience the next time you're at the podium.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Great Office Furniture

A comfortable and visually appealing workspace can go a long way toward employee job satisfaction. Comfortable seating, natural lighting, and paint colors that reflect your brand and culture can make all the difference.

If your workspace needs some freshening up, check out our tips for an office space your employees will appreciate.


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