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Moving to a New Location? Congratulations!

Moving to a new office location can be a heady experience. Company growth and increased visibility are often the reasons behind a move to new quarters, and it's important not to let the hassles of moving diminish what should be a positive experience.

To that end, here's a simple list to help you organize your move and eliminate unnecessary problems due to improper planning.

Thirty to Sixty Days Ahead of the Move

Moving is rarely easy, and it's never too early to begin tackling a few key projects.

A Comfortable Employee Does a Better Job and Stays Longer

I'll never forget the chair I used in my last job. As a 24/7 office, our chairs were in use around the clock. The one I was obliged to sit in for ten hours each day was also used by a much bigger person. It was laughable even to imagine that a 4'11" woman and a 6'4" man would be equally comfortable in that beat-up chair, and we were not.

Good Ergonomics: How It Makes a Difference

If you had to venture a guess, what one factor would you say contributes to at least a third of employees' lost work days? If you guessed musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs, you were correct.

Work-related injuries to knowledge workers are much more widespread than most people realize, and many of these injuries are directly related to poor ergonomics.


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