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Boost Employee Productivity with New Office Furniture

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Is it time for an office furniture check-up in your workspace? Before you dismiss your furnishings as unimportant to your overall goal of growing your business, read on to find out why your office furniture can have a surprising impact on your success.

Why Your Office Furniture Matters

There's no question that our surroundings impact everything from our mood to our productivity. Here's what studies and experience have proven time and again.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Great Office Furniture

A comfortable and visually appealing workspace can go a long way toward employee job satisfaction. Comfortable seating, natural lighting, and paint colors that reflect your brand and culture can make all the difference.

If your workspace needs some freshening up, check out our tips for an office space your employees will appreciate.

Why Buy an Ergonomically Designed Office Chair?

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Whether you work from a home-based office or are part of a busy workgroup in town, the right office furniture can make a huge difference in your productivity level. The right chair is arguably your most important piece of office furniture, and choosing one with an ergonomic design can make all the difference in how you feel and how you perform.

How to Keep Your Office Furniture Looking Like New

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There's nothing quite like new office furniture and equipment to inspire creativity, make employees feel welcome and appreciated, and let your customers know you care enough to invest in the appearance of your office. To keep that office furniture looking and functioning like new, we'd like to recommend a few simple care and maintenance tips.

5 Reasons to Try a Shared Office Concept

shared office concept

Shared office spaces are the newest workplace trend, and business leaders are discovering why. Adding 21st-century solutions like remote working, BYOD policies, and open office space is a sure way to attract the latest talent in your field.

From lower costs to improved productivity, coworking may be the perfect solution for your organization. Here's why:

Smart Solutions to Gain More Space in the Office

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Is your office space beginning to feel overcrowded? A cramped office space isn't conducive to productivity, and close quarters can lead to distractions and frustration. But before you decide to move to larger quarters, you may want to reconsider the positioning, selection, and style of your space and your office furniture.

Co-Working Spaces and Startups: A Perfect Match

If your startup business is having trouble getting off the ground, there's no reason to allow a lack of affordable office space to stand in your way.

Co-working office spaces are fast becoming a viable option for startups and small to medium enterprises across the country. Not sure if a co-working space could serve your needs? Read on to learn about the benefits.

1. Incredible Savings

Office space usually comes in just behind labor costs as a top operating expense. Shared office spaces allow you to book as many chairs as you need and you're good to go.


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