The Cost of Inefficient Video Conference Meetings

video conference

While video conference meetings can save time and help your team coordinate regardless of physical location, inefficient video meetings can be a waste of time and resources. It's important to set up conferences properly so you can reach the desired outcome and solve the issues facing your team. If you've been having trouble keeping your team meetings on track and productive, it's important to identify the main issues that are keeping your meetings from being successful and use your tools to resolve them. 

What Are The Common Issues With Video Conferencing?

There can be many reasons for inefficient video conferences. The most popular ones include:

  • Lack of proper meeting agenda, which leads to participants losing interest, team leaders going over the same information, and time running out before the team can come up with solutions to pressing issues.  Without a well-written agenda, key issues can be forgotten, leading to more conferences or lots of follow-up emails. 
  • Late arrivals of participants or disinterest from participants unfamiliar with the topic at hand. Engaging these people will lead to a better outcome and help all your team members feel more involved. 
  • Issues with communication that lead to misunderstandings within the team. Under communicating can leave team members wondering what they are responsible, while over communication makes teams members feel they are being micro-managed. 

Using the right video conferencing technology can help you engage participants more, making your time more productive and allowing you to get better outcomes from your meetings. Using video conferencing software that allows you to set an agenda, attach relevant documents and present key information will make it easier to have a positive outcome from the meeting. Screen sharing capabilities make it easier for everyone on the call to stay interested and focus on the discussion at hand by following along as one team member leads. A solution that records and transcribes meetings can make it easier for everyone on the team to know what responsibilities are assigned to them and minimize any possible miscommunications.  

If you're interested in making video conferencing work better for your team, American Business Equipment can help. Contact us today to get a video conferencing solution in place that helps you run your business more efficiently.