Video Conferencing

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Get More From Your Video Conferencing Presentations

video conferencing

A state-of-the-art video conferencing system can take your presentations and meetings from blah and boring to exciting and visually engaging. Even so, the best video conferencing presentation is only as good as your preparations. If your presentations have left your audience uninterested, check out our tips for a better experience the next time you're at the podium.

3 Steps to Successful Video Conferencing

video conferencing

As a business tool, video conferencing is unsurpassed. Advanced video conferencing systems allow business leaders, instructors, and visiting lecturers to communicate effectively using web browsers or mobile devices.

If you'd like to give video conferencing a try for your organization, but you're a little unsure about the process, read on for some tips to make your presentation simple and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Improve Your Onboarding Process With Technology

video conferencing

Technology has driven some impressive improvements in the employee onboarding process. Instead of being asked to read printed manuals, employees may be directed to company websites. Welcome letters are often in the form of email, and HR forms are filled out using eForms. A "welcome to the company" from executives may even come in the form of a video conferencing session.

Get More From Your Meetings With Video Conferencing

meeting video conferencing

Video conferencing is an affordable alternative to face-to-face meetings with staff members, business partners, and clients. If you're looking for a solution that saves time and money while increasing communication, you'll want to give video conferencing some serious consideration.

The Major Benefits

Video conferencing is changing meetings for the better. Here are a few key benefits:

Simple Solutions to Get Your New Hire Up to Speed

New employee at first day of work

Don't let your new hire sit alone at a desk wondering what's up your communications technology. When new employees feel disconnected, they may wonder if they've made a mistake in joining your team. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

Three Simple Solutions

By using a well thought-out onboarding program, face-to-face check-ins, and technologies like video conferencing, companies can ease the stress new employees often experience.

Achieve More With Video Conferencing

If your entire experience with video conferencing has been board meetings and the occasional conference (yawn), we wouldn't be surprised if you're not all that impressed. The real story is that video conferencing delivers a host of dynamic applications. Read on to find out how video conferencing has the capability to bring meetings of every kind to an entirely new level.

Get More Value From Your Meetings with Video Conferencing

If your meetings are falling flat, perhaps it's time to try something new. Meetings are a perfect opportunity to engage with employees and pitch new ideas, but unfortunately many don't accomplish these goals. The problems stem not from the information presented, but from the way it's delivered.

What Your Getting Now

If you're not convinced that the traditional meeting format isn't working out, consider these statistics:


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