Simple Solutions to Get Your New Hire Up to Speed

New employee at first day of work

Don't let your new hire sit alone at a desk wondering what's up your communications technology. When new employees feel disconnected, they may wonder if they've made a mistake in joining your team. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

Three Simple Solutions

By using a well thought-out onboarding program, face-to-face check-ins, and technologies like video conferencing, companies can ease the stress new employees often experience.

Co-Working Spaces and Startups: A Perfect Match

If your startup business is having trouble getting off the ground, there's no reason to allow a lack of affordable office space to stand in your way.

Co-working office spaces are fast becoming a viable option for startups and small to medium enterprises across the country. Not sure if a co-working space could serve your needs? Read on to learn about the benefits.

1. Incredible Savings

Office space usually comes in just behind labor costs as a top operating expense. Shared office spaces allow you to book as many chairs as you need and you're good to go.

3 Lessons Learned After Buying the Wrong Printer

With the rise of remote workers and home-based businesses, there's naturally more focus on the well-equipped home office. The right office equipment can help save time and money, so it's important to get it right the first time.

Getting it Right

You may have already been down this road: You select a printer from a big box office equipment store because the price is right. The sales person says it's one of their top sellers, so you feel good about your purchase.

Achieve More With Video Conferencing

If your entire experience with video conferencing has been board meetings and the occasional conference (yawn), we wouldn't be surprised if you're not all that impressed. The real story is that video conferencing delivers a host of dynamic applications. Read on to find out how video conferencing has the capability to bring meetings of every kind to an entirely new level.

Build Stronger Communications With Interactive Whiteboards

Now and then a new tool comes along that revolutionizes the way we work and interact. Interactive whiteboards are one such tool. Read on to learn how your business could reap some significant advantages.

Three Ways to Gain

Not sure how your company would use an interactive whiteboard? Here are three can't-miss benefits you and your team will love.

Is It Time for an Office Equipment Upgrade?

If you need a reason to purchase or lease new office equipment for your business this year, let us help you out. From increased productivity to some help with this year's income tax deductions, now might be the best time ever to acquire some new equipment.

Make a Wish List

It never hurts to keep a great wish list close at hand. Begin yours by jotting down your business processes and then match them equipment that will help move those processes forward.

Get More Value From Your Meetings with Video Conferencing

If your meetings are falling flat, perhaps it's time to try something new. Meetings are a perfect opportunity to engage with employees and pitch new ideas, but unfortunately many don't accomplish these goals. The problems stem not from the information presented, but from the way it's delivered.

What Your Getting Now

If you're not convinced that the traditional meeting format isn't working out, consider these statistics:

Interactive Whiteboard Basics in Five Steps

Interactive whiteboards can take your presentations, lessons, and training sessions to an entirely new and exciting level. With interactive whiteboards as your new high-tech assistant, your staff or classroom will retain more information, maintain interest longer, and get more enjoyment from the presentation.

Getting Started

If you're nervous about deploying interactive whiteboards for your business or school, you shouldn't be. Interactive whiteboards are easy and fun to learn and use.

The Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment

Starting or expanding a business can take every bit of capital your company has on hand. The right office equipment is an essential part of the picture, but you may not want to tie up your working capital to acquire the devices you need.

Leasing your office equipment is a workable alternative to purchasing and one that many organizations use to stretch tight budgets.


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