Your Office Equipment Impacts Your Law Firm's Bottom Line

law firm desk

Like any business, your law office has a compelling interest in reducing operational costs. Your office equipment choices have a direct impact on your bottom line, and a few upgrades could make a noticeable difference.

Read on for some tips for figuring out whether your office equipment is tipping the scales in, or against, your favor.

Office Equipment Matters

Are your law firm's finances as healthy as they could be? It may seem surprising, but your office printers could be primarily to blame for your rising costs. With printing costs consuming 3% to as much as 15% of revenues, the equipment you use to print and copy documents may be a leading factor in driving up your operational costs. Check out these common print-related pitfalls.

The Lowdown on Low-Tech

Whether you love or hate your office printer, if it's seen better days, an upgrade is in order.

  • Desktop consumer-grade inkjet printers are notorious for consuming copious amounts of expensive ink. Replace them with a laser printer to bring your cost-per-page down in a hurry.
  • If you're still getting by with a printer that just prints and a copier that just makes copies, it's time to investigate some new technologies. A state-of-the-art multifunction system can provide your team with powerful electronic document management capabilities, reducing a high percentage of your printing requirements.
  • Security is top-of-mind for law firms. Outdated office imaging equipment can put your confidential documents and your network at risk of infiltration by hackers. Replace aging equipment to access new security protocols as soon as possible.
  • How much paper does your firm consume? You can't eliminate all of it, but tracking software can help you find out where you stand. Cost Accounting solutions combined with a professional multifunction system can help your office reduce printing waste and the associated costs.

Looking for an improved bottom line? The right office equipment could make the difference! Contact American Business Equipment to find out how today!