Is Your Office Equipment BYOD Compatible?

Bring your device compatiable

According to a recent study conducted by Cisco, 90% of Americans employed full time use their personally-owned mobile devices for work. As companies research how BYOD trends impact their day-to-day processes, it's become even more evident that a mobile printing solution is a crucial part of the successful integration.

Here's how a mobile printing solution can streamline your transition to a BYOD organization.

Connect employees to each other and your office equipment.

As employees make the switch from desktop computers to using their mobile devices full-time for work, they need flexible solutions that make daily tasks easier to complete. For example, an employee traveling from a meeting with a client may need printed reports for a follow-up meeting taking place before day's end. With a mobile printing solution, the employee can send the report to a networked multifunction printer in the home office. With a collating and stapling feature, the report can be ready to pick up in time for the meeting.

Play it safe with secure printing solutions.

At first, mobile printing was a risky undertaking. Hackers found out they could intercept data in transit, and unprotected office equipment presented a host of security vulnerabilities. The industry responded to the threat with strategic solutions to thwart attacks. Here are the solutions you'll want to have in place.

  • Virtual private networks allow safe network access when employees send data from remote locations to the home office.
  • Company-approved mobile printing apps encrypt information and prevent the use of unprotected office equipment to print sensitive data.
  • Pull printing solutions require employees to log in before documents can be released for printing.

Your office equipment can work in conjunction with your BYOD employees, giving them secure tools to accomplish tasks in the office and while traveling. To learn more, get in touch with us at American Business Equipment today.