Why Quality Office Furniture is Worth the Investment

office furniture

Knowledge workers spend a significant amount of time in their office chair—as many as 14,000 in ten years. If you're wondering whether your company should invest in quality office furniture, then that number can help you see the issue in a different light.

Low-Budget or High-Quality?

While it may be true that you can't blow your entire budget on new office furniture and equipment, there are a few considerations to take into account when selecting office chairs. Here's a look at some of the primary differences between low-quality chairs and those that are designed to last.

  1. Components — Quality office furniture doesn't skimp on essential components. Check the quality of the chair's arms, wheels, cloth, seat cushions, and tilt function. A low-quality chair won't hold up to everyday use; the foam cushions may flatten out too soon, the fabric will show signs of wear, and the arms, wheels, and other features will seem cheap in comparison to a higher-end chair. By comparing the two, you'll quickly get a feel for the elements that make a quality chair.
  2. Adjustments — A budget chair will have fewer adjustments than a quality office chair. Your chairs should have simple adjustments that allow maximum comfort for all of your workers. A quality chair will enable users to adjust height and seat depth in a few seamless steps.
  3. Color and style — Quality office furniture comes in a wide variety of styles and colors to reflect your company culture. Budget office chairs and other furnishings may limit you to one or two colors and fabric choices.

Quality office furniture is designed to last longer and provide more comfort than low-budget options, providing your company with a much better return on investment. To learn more, contact us at American Business Equipment today!