Web or Video Conferencing—Which is Right for Your Company?

video conferencing

Has your organization tried video conferencing to enhance collaboration and conduct team meetings? Not sure of the differences between web and video conferencing? Here's how the two compare, and why video conferencing is the tool of choice for smoother, more productive meetings.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing supports users as they share computer screens or web content between computers or mobile devices. While web conferencing can be useful for smaller meetings, its primary function is to share audio accompanied by images.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is widely used as a collaboration tool for real-time meetings. The benefits and improvements over basic web conferencing are substantial. If you're looking for a solution to connect people, enhance staff meetings and improve team collaboration, video conferencing is the better choice. Here's a quick summary of the benefits:

  1. Everyone gets a seat at the table. Video conferencing is designed to include everyone in attendance at the meeting. While participants can dial in via phone for an audio-only connection, video conferencing can connect as many as 30 simultaneous users and meeting attendees, both on-site and remotely via laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  2. Network issues aren't a problem. Most of us have endured those on-again/off-again video conversations that are more frustrating than informative. Look for a video conferencing provider with high-level datacenter redundancy to reduce the problems caused by long wait times and network failures.

  3. Powerful tools make management a breeze. You're in charge with ABE's video conferencing solution. Managers can schedule meetings using Microsoft Outlook, invite attendees via email, record meeting content for later viewing and sharing, remove or mute attendees, and more.

If productive meetings and improved collaboration are vital to your company's success, you'll want to look further into the benefits of video conferencing. Contact us at American Business Equipment to learn more about this and other equipment solutions today.