Transform Your Meetings with Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard in use

Do you get the feeling your company meetings are ineffective? Is attendance down? Are you finding it challenging to engage participants and keep their attention from start to finish? If you're still conducting meetings in the same way you did in 1998, you'll be happy to know there's a better, more exciting way to accomplish this necessary task.

Ramp Up Your Meetings

"I can't wait to get to the conference room for our meeting on the new proposal," said no one, ever. You do your best to conduct interesting meetings, but if you're stuck using outdated tools like dry erase boards or paper tablets propped up on unsteady easels, you're at a disadvantage from the start. Interactive whiteboards can ramp up your meetings, making even the driest content more exciting to your attendees. Here's what interactive whiteboards have to offer your organization.

The Power of a Big Screen with HD Clarity

You've no doubt experienced firsthand the difference between watching a movie or instructional video on a small screen and then seeing the same content on a much bigger screen. Why not get the same result at your next meeting? It's almost impossible to ignore a big 80" diagonal display with HD technology. If you'd like to get more from your meetings—a lot more—bigger is definitely better.

Next-Level Interaction

Take team participation to the next level with mobile connectivity. Interactive participation is further enhanced with onscreen content sharing, touch pen technology, file sharing, and remote control from connected mobile devices. With the ability to connect as many as fifty mobile users on two interactive whiteboard screens, your organization can engage more attendees and cover more information in less time than traditional methods.

Are you satisfied with your organizational meetings? To find out more about our cutting-edge interactive whiteboards and other innovative business technologies, contact us at American Business Equipment today!