Tips for Choosing a Video Conferencing Solution

video conferencing

Video conferencing is an excellent way for companies to improve collaboration, drive down expenses, and connect clients and employees working in different locations. Finding the right solution begins with understanding your requirements and working with a trusted technology provider.

Here are a few key considerations when beginning your search for a video conferencing system.

  1. A reliable connection — You'll want assurances that your network can handle the additional traffic required for a video conferencing system. Make sure your systems and hardware are up to date and choose a technology provider that provides high-level datacenter redundancy to reduce your chances of network issues during your presentations.
  2. Usability — If you've ever invested in technology that no one wants to use, the problem may have stemmed from usability issues. The best video conferencing systems are designed with the end-user in mind. Conference attendees should be able to access the session via mobile devices or web browser, and dial-up users should have easy access to a voice-only feature. Other must-haves include tools that allow managers to invite users and schedule sessions via email or an Outlook plugin, remove or mute attendees during live sessions, plus record and save content for review and sharing purposes.
  3. Security — Imagine a scenario where a person with malicious intent drops into your video conferencing session uninvited. Choose a system with robust security solutions that prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive meeting content.
  4. Integration — Your video conferencing selection should integrate seamlessly with your current systems and a wide variety of hardware solutions.
  5. Support — Look for an experienced local provider with industry-trained technicians, world-class technology partnerships, a commitment to customer service and a dedicated support staff ready to meet your needs.

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