Smart Office Equipment Helps Companies Rein In Costs

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Your business processes are comprised of hundreds or even thousands of moving parts. Keeping an eye on each one of them is a challenge, but without some form of monitoring, cost overages and inefficiencies can begin creeping into your workflows.

Control Your Print Costs

Your print environment is one area where a hands-off approach can be very costly. Here's a look at how printing costs can get out of control and what you can do to manage them.

1. Under-the-radar office equipment purchases.

The problem: An employee regularly prints sensitive documents. Rather than risk a security breach, he purchases a consumer-grade desktop inkjet printer from a local office equipment supplier. Without realizing it, he's just set you up for a significant spike in your print spend. Low-end inkjet printers use up cartridges at a tremendous pace, and the per-ounce cost for ink rivals Russian caviar.

The solution: Modern professional printers and copiers include security features to protect documents from accidental or intentional viewing by those not authorized to see the information. Secure printing solutions, standard on the latest office imaging equipment, won't allow print jobs to release without user authentication (PIN codes, ID cards, etc.).

2. Wasteful printing habits.

The problem: Do your employees have free rein to print whatever they like? Printing emails, web pages, memos and other nonessential documents (often in color!) can add up to costs higher than 3% of annual revenues.

The solution: Monitoring your office equipment is an effective way to reduce waste and cost overruns. Rules-based printing allows business administrators to set restrictions on office imaging equipment. Easily set limits on print volumes, keep color printing to business-essential use only and even prevent unauthorized employees from printing sensitive documents.

Intelligent office equipment can help your company reduce printing costs and enhance security. To learn how contact us at American Business Equipment today.