SHARP AQUOS Interactive Whiteboards—The Journey from 2011 to 2018

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Interactive whiteboards have come a long way since Sharp introduced the first model in February of 2011. Since then, Sharp has been on the cutting edge of innovative technologies, making interactive whiteboards indispensable tools for the modern business.

The first Sharp AQUOS Interactive Display System included ground-breaking features like an embedded touchscreen and a sensor detection grid that significantly increased drawing accuracy. Since that first model, Sharp has continued to add new features to their interactive whiteboards and their versatile touchscreen technology.

  • 2011: The story begins with the introduction of the first Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System.
  • 2012: Improved response time from 1 second to 500ms, improved screen accuracy, and features to route onscreen data to a Sharp multifunction system or PC.
  • 2014: New touch screen enhancements increased response times, improved screen glare, reduced fingerprints, and provided a more natural onscreen writing experience.
  • 2015-2017: Projective capacitive touchscreen technology combined the features of larger models into small-screen huddle and retail spaces, with multi-screen sharing connecting up to 3 interactive whiteboards.
  • 2016: Product line expansion with multiple device wireless connectivity, wireless mobile connectivity with 2x2 split screen technology, Sharp's new Pen-on-Paper value-priced model, and multi-touch capabilities for up to 4 users.
  • 2017: Direct bonding technology provided an even more natural touchscreen experience, new value-pricing, 10-point multi-touch capabilities for as many as four users at once, screen freeze and backlight off features.
  • 2018: 4K Ultra-HD resolution combines SHARP features into a new edge-lit Ultra HD screen, 30-point multi-touch technology, Intel Mini-OPS expansion slot, flexible installation for landscape or portrait orientations, and SHARP's innovative screen pointer and touch pen functionality.

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