Real Time Collaboration With Video Conferencing

Business people looking at screen during video conference in office

The need to meet and collaborate is as high as even in the workplace, even with so many people working remotely. With video conferencing, however, your company gets many of the advantages of everyone being in the same place at the same time without flying anyone in or canceling vacations.

Forging a Better Connection

When thinking of the people that you have met with in person, your memory of them is likely much stronger than your memory of people you have only talked to over the phone or through email. For many business applications, forming relationships and gaining trust is vital for the reputation of the company. For salespeople especially, being able to see the customer or distributor through video conferencing builds more trust. This enhances the business relationships that you need to keep in place to get items sold.

Getting the Whole Message

In any conversation, there are many different ways of communicating. The voice inflection and word choices are among these, but there are many more. Body language and hand motions convey a lot of meaning to the words used. Facial expressions are equally crucial to communication. When you are video conferencing, you will be able to pick up on all of these non-verbal cues from everyone present, just as you would if everyone came together physically for the meeting.  This allows meetings to take place no matter who is in the office. Even workers on vacations can tune in and stay up-to-date.

Demonstrations and Presentations

If you can't all be in the same room, you can still create a highly visual presentation for others to see through video conferencing. When needed, you can even coordinate a demonstration so that many people can see the item and how it works. These are invaluable ways to show concepts to colleagues, collaborate with others without any misunderstandings, and to show customers how something works. Demonstrations won't have to be filmed with a cell phone and then emailed around to various people to get seen. Those who need to see the item working can see it in real-time, and they can ask their questions as the item is being displayed.

If you're tired of audio-only conferencing, contact us today to get started with video conferencing. It will change the way you work, collaborate, and do business.