Is It Time for an Office Furniture Makeover?

working in the office

Over time, your office furniture can begin to show signs of wear, impacting office productivity and even the impression you make on visitors. Here are three excellent reasons to put new office furniture on your list of business goals for the coming year.

To Improve Office Productivity

There may not appear to be a direct connection between your office furniture and productivity, but a closer examination proves otherwise. Here's why you should take a closer look at your furnishings and equipment.

  • Employee health — Chairs that are rundown or poorly designed can have a negative impact on employee health. Neck, should, and back pain are leading causes of employee absences, and your chairs and desks could be the cause. Investing in ergonomically designed chairs and desks can reduce employees' risk of injury and allow them to work pain-free every day.
  • Workflow bottlenecks — How well does your office furniture and equipment mesh with your workflows? Bottlenecks can occur when desks, tables, and workspaces don't match your requirements. Your office furniture provider can help you design a more process-friendly environment.

To Make Guests More Comfortable

Your office reception area is often your company's first chance to make a good impression. Worn out or stained furnishings leave guests feeling unwelcome and unimportant. An investment in new office furniture for your waiting area can reap rewards far beyond comfortable seating.

To Reflect Your Company Culture

Does your office furniture reflect who you are today? If your furnishings don't reflect your company culture and where you hope to be in ten years, it can be difficult for others to catch your vision or take it seriously. Your office furniture and equipment provider can help you choose furnishings to reinforce your brand and mission statement.

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