Interactive Whiteboards Solve the Problem of Ho-Hum Meetings

interactive whiteboard in use

Meetings are a routine part of everyday business operations, so why not make them more productive and even more enjoyable? Interactive whiteboards can be the next tool in your company's endeavor to accomplish more in every meeting.

Here's how interactive whiteboards can grab the attention of your meeting participants and hold it until the very end.

Big Screen Benefits

No one wants to attend a meeting where it's difficult to see and hear the presentation. SHARP AQUOS interactive whiteboards solve the problem in a big way, with up to 80" diagonal screen sizes, HD technology. Innovative photo-alignment and LED lighting provides amazing color clarity. HD technology improves even further upon plasma screens, delivering displays up to five times brighter.

Bring Even More Participants to Your Meetings

Interactive whiteboards allow presenters to reach larger audiences and actively involve more participants, with as many as 50 mobile users participating at once. Users can share content, transfer files, and even control the board from their mobile device.

Improve Participation with Touch-Pen Technology

Up to four meeting participants at once can use the touch-pen software interface to add notes directly to the screen. Users can choose from a variety of colors and line thicknesses to differentiate from other users' notes. As an industry leader in electronic pen technology, SHARP AQUOS interactive whiteboards are among the best for accuracy, precision, and operation.

Connect to Your Multifunction Device

Interactive whiteboards allow users to scan and import images directly from their multifunction system. Participants can add notes directly to scanned images and documents, route them back to the multifunction system for printing, storage in a document management system or cloud repository, or email to colleagues.

Interactive whiteboards can take your meetings from ho-hum to dynamic, productivity-driven sessions your employees will look forward to attending. For more information, contact us at American Business Equipment today!