Interactive Whiteboards—A Guided Tour


Interactive whiteboards are a dynamic new collaborative tool for the 21st-century meeting or boardroom as well as the classroom. Even for those intimidated by new technologies, it only takes a few sessions to see how useful interactive whiteboards can be for teaching and sharing information. Converts cite benefits like:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Visual, auditory, and tactile applications that appeal to all learning styles.
  • Easy integration with computers, mobile devices, and USB drives.
  • Increased opportunities for collaborative learning and brainstorming.
  • Remote access for off-site viewers.
  • High image resolutions and LED backlighting for an enjoyable and productive viewing experience.

Getting Started

Interactive whiteboards are so simple to use and so effective, you'll wonder why you waited so long to try this exceptional tool. Here's a quick rundown of the basics you'll need for your first experience.

  1. Your business equipment provider may pre-install your software, but if not, installing Meeting Pro or Notebook is the first step in setting up your interactive whiteboard.
  2. Connect your device of choice to the interactive whiteboard. An ON light will let you know when the connection is successful. A setup wizard will appear on the whiteboard screen, which now becomes your monitor. A built-in projector eliminates the need for additional hardware.
  3. A login portal will appear next, and after authenticating, you'll be given the opportunity to configure your settings going forward.
  4. The included pens and erasers are what give interactive whiteboards their unique intuitive writing capabilities. Picking up a pen from the tray prompts the writing mode. Users can also write using their finger.
  5. Specialized software and tools like on-screen keyboards, video players, conferencing software, and more are available to improve the interactive whiteboard experience.

Ready to find out how interactive whiteboards can revolutionize your next meeting or class? Contact us at American Business Equipment for a demonstration today!