Improve K-12 Learning with Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard

Has your education district learned the benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom? Now considered an essential tool for the K-12 sector, interactive whiteboards help teachers present lessons that engage students in new and exciting ways.

Interactive Whiteboard Basics

We're all familiar with traditional whiteboards, but interactive whiteboards are an entirely different tool. By projecting content from a computer screen to a wall or floor-mounted display panel, teachers can present vibrant lessons to the entire class at once. LED backlighting delivers bright presentations, and touchscreen controls using the finger or an electronic pen lets users write and move content with the ease of a touchscreen computer.

The Benefits for Your Classroom

Today's interactive whiteboards are designed with out-of-the-box functionality, and little is required in the way of additional training. Here's a quick look at the most sought-after benefits:

  • User-friendly graphic touchscreen interface provides step-by-step intuitive instructionals
  • Both students and teachers can respond to lessons in real-time using their fingers or an electronic pen
  • Interactive problem solving allows students to correct and learn from their mistakes in real time
  • Collaboration tools help students work together on everyday lessons and class projects
  • Multimedia presentations engage a variety of student learning styles
  • Teachers can record lessons and review saved material with students for improved retention and better test scores
  • Virtual field trips let students travel the world without leaving their classroom
  • Students show new interest in content when it's presented on interactive whiteboards

Is your school district ready to improve learning in the K-12 classroom environment? Interactive whiteboards are easy to set up, even easier to begin using, and provide students hands-on access to critical 21st-century technology skills. Ready to learn more? Contact a team member at American Business Equipment today!