How to Put Your Office Equipment to Work for You!


The office equipment that your company uses is one of its more critical investments. These machines do so many tasks that most employees would be unable to do their jobs at all without them. However, many office machines can do far more than they are being used for. Here's how to get more use out of your office equipment without buying new machines.

Using Mobile Print

Having mobile print capabilities is an enormous benefit for all employees. Printing is something that most employees have to do with regularity. Without mobile printing, this can only be done in the office when they are there to do it. This often means that other people have to wait for the employee to be there to print specific items. It can also mean that particular things can't get done while an employee is away on a company trip or vacation. Using mobile print allows the company's printers and mobile devices to do more for the convenience of the employees. It results in quicker workflows and less waiting time for both workers and customers.

Better Security for Your Network

The dangers of computer viruses and hackers are well known, but there is much more to data security than merely avoiding computer viruses. Today's hackers look for any way to get into a company's computer network to steal data and cause trouble. The data kept on a computer isn't the only place where this data can be intercepted. Any data stream, even the ones from a computer or mobile device to a printer, can be accessed if there isn't enough security. Fortunately, many of today's office equipment models come with encryption for every data stream. If your office equipment's security features aren't being used, it's time to get to know them better to let them safeguard your valuable data.

Keeping Papers Private

Though many documents can remain in digital form, there are times when printouts are needed. When data is in a hard copy, it is especially vulnerable to being stolen. The paper itself can be taken by anyone who sees it- even other employees. Many of today's copiers and multifunction printers now have a locking feature that keeps those printed pages inside the machine until the employee who printed them releases them. This keeps them out of sight and ready to be used whenever the worker is ready to retrieve them.

If you want your office equipment to do more, contact us today about the most up-to-date models on the market.