Has Your Office Furniture Seen Better Days?

people sitting at desks working

Outdated office furniture that's seen better days sends the wrong message to your employees. If your staff seems bored with their tasks, perhaps the problem is not with their work but their work environment. Research shows that a well-designed office environment featuring comfortable furniture and a few other must-have elements can have a positive impact on employee morale and productivity. Here's what's important.

  1. Open concept or private spaces? The open concept office has been gaining favor for some time now, and the trend is still popular among millennials. If you're opting for open workspaces, be sure also to create some spaces for privacy. From one-on-one meetings to critical phone calls with clients, private areas still play a vital role.

  2. Think comfort. Poorly designed office furniture can cause back, neck, and leg pain. Ergonomic office chairs can keep employees out of the chiropractor's office so they can spend more time in theirs. It's a wise investment in the health of your staff and your business.

  3. A word about lighting. No one enjoys the hum of old fluorescent lighting, and today there are much better alternatives. Look for fixtures that mimic natural light, and take advantage of light from windows to cheer up your staff and lower your power bills at the same time.

  4. Banish clutter. A cluttered office space won't do much for productivity. Schedule a meeting with your office furniture provider to look at storage systems, dividers, and other solutions to streamline the appearance of your office.

  5. Go wireless. If cord clutter is still a problem in your office, it may be a sign you're past due for an office equipment update.

Is your office furniture overdue for an update? Ask your employees if you're not sure, and then give us a call at American Business Equipment!