Getting Creative with Whiteboard Widgets

interactive whiteboard in use

Are you looking for a way to incorporate drawing or free-form exercises into your classroom lessons using your interactive whiteboards? When a keyboard isn't enough, Whiteboard Widget can give help you integrate free-form exercises using student tablets, computers, Chromebooks or other devices. You can also use Whiteboard Widgets to add interactivity exercises to your iBooks.

Here's a look at some of the features and advantages teachers can access for their interactive whiteboards using Whiteboard Widgets.

  • Choose from more than 40 digital templates that work with a variety of mobile devices, computers, and iBooks programs.
  • Take paper tests to the next level by creating interactive quizzes and worksheets.
  • Make the lesson into a game by creating customized crossword puzzles, memory games, bingo sheets, and more. Whiteboard Widgets uses lesson content to create customized games students will love.
  • Evaluate student progress with automatic grading of selected lessons.
  • Provide instant, highly-personalized feedback to individual students with a few clicks.
  • Determine areas where students require extra attention to reinforce the lesson.
  • Save valuable time with solutions that instantly grade quizzes, tests, and worksheets.
  • Add interactivity to otherwise static lessons, increasing student engagement and interest.
  • Annotate pictures with drawing tools. Students can add color, freehand or straight lines, and text.
  • Make math lessons more meaningful by bypassing keyboards and giving students access to drawing tools.
  • Make complex math problems easier to solve with access to a scientific calculator directly from the widget.
  • Students can access the camera on their device to add photos to the whiteboard, then customize it with their own annotations and drawings. This feature is particularly useful for scientific diagrams.

To make interactive whiteboards a part of your school's technology strategies, contact us at American Business Equipment today!