Fully Utilizing Your Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom


The use of teaching materials in the classroom gives students a broader view of everything that is taught. These boards are highly interactive, allowing for several different media types to be used in each lesson. 

Interacting With the Board

Teachers know how helpful it is to use interactive whiteboards during a lesson to expand the topic and present it in different ways. However, it isn't only the teachers who benefit from using these boards. As a part of each day's lesson plan, time can be set aside for student interaction with the whiteboard. Using these whiteboards gives students a way to practice their skills in a way that is easy for the teacher to see. The teacher also gets to see the process used by each student. Whether it's practicing handwriting or working on math problems, correction is easier to give when you can see exactly what a student may be doing wrong.

Choosing Your Media

Using interactive whiteboards to write lessons on is one form of using these boards. But to get more from them, be sure to plan for multiple media channels to be used. In a typical lesson, music can be played to add to the lesson. Video examples can be used to add more depth. There are many ways to create a whole experience during a lesson that will be more memorable for the students and more fun for them to participate in. It may even be helpful to conference through a whiteboard with an expert in the topic being taught.

Whiteboard Connectivity

One of the ways that teachers and students can interact with one of these high-tech whiteboards is to connect to them with their mobile devices. Phones, tablets, laptops, and other whiteboards can be connected with the board in the classroom for a higher degree of interaction. This allows for more sharing of documents, graphics, and more. With so many classes now requiring the use of mobile devices, this connectivity is another way to teach kids about using technology at the same time that they are learning the subject being taught. 

If your classroom could use interactive whiteboards, contact us today to find out about the latest models available to the classroom.