Enhance Security and Save Money with Shared Office Equipment

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Is your print environment secure, or is a fleet of outdated office equipment putting your information at risk? Solutions found in the latest office equipment address the issue of print security, and they do a great job of reducing costs caused by unnecessary printing too.

Here's how you can gain access to the one-two solution of improved security and lowered costs at the same time.

Share More to Save More

It's not uncommon for professionals to cling to personal desktop printers, especially in HR departments, healthcare facilities, law firms and other sectors where document confidentiality is critical. Unfortunately, desktop printers are notoriously expensive to operate, and maintaining a fleet of them is costly and inefficient.

Shared office equipment can solve the problem of document security and costly maintenance issues. Here's how:

  1. Document security— There's good reason to be worried about confidential documents sent to a shared multifunction copier, but secure printing easily solves the problem. Users send their print job to a selected printer, but instead of releasing the document, it's held in the print queue. The only way the document can be released is through an authentication process (passcodes or ID cards) which is completed at the device. Users must be present to release the print job, eliminating the security risk caused by unattended documents left on print trays.

  2. Wasted printing costs— When employees initiate a print job, they're not always ready to claim the documents. In many cases, employees reprint the job, and the initial attempt ends up in recycling bins. These unclaimed documents can cause printing costs to escalate out of control. Requiring users to authenticate at the device eliminates wasted and unnecessary printing.

Is your office equipment a source of costly printing waste and risky security issues? Find out by contacting us at American Business Equipment for an assessment today!