Creative Resources to Use With Your School's Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards can open up new worlds and exciting ways to learn for your entire class. Here's a look at some of the latest educational games, activities, and video content for your school's interactive whiteboards.


At the colorful and entertaining Math Playground website, kids are encouraged to give their brains a workout. With activities from math and logic games to story problems, math arcades, and videos, there's something for a wide variety of learning styles in grades one through six.


Who better than NASA Space Place to get kids excited about science, space, and technology? Space Place helps kids explore intriguing topics like What is a Light Year?, How Does Our Sun Compare? and What is an Earthquake? Activities, games, crafts, a glossary, and link to NASA YouTube videos mean you won't run out of content for your interactive whiteboards sessions anytime soon.

After you're finishing exploring space with NASA, check out the free planetarium at Stellarium. By projecting the night sky on interactive whiteboards screens in 3D, students can get a full sky view of constellations and the Milky Way. A customizable feature lets students add satellites, simulations, script, and objects from other online solar systems resources.


Your classroom's interactive whiteboards won't go to waste with PBS KIDS on your team! With games featuring favorite shows and beloved animated characters, your students can brush up on Language Arts, Math, Social Science, and the Arts with plenty of fun and smiles to go around.


MimioConnect is an online interactive teaching community that offers lessons plans and activities and puts teachers in touch with forums and online groups. The Ask a Master feature allows users to get advice and instruction from Mimio Masters.

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