Choosing Interactive Whiteboards for Your School District

interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards can take your classroom presentations from passive viewing and listening to highly engaging, give-and-take learning opportunities your students will love. When choosing between offerings from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers, how can you tell which one is best for your school and classroom?

Interactive Whiteboards: What to Consider

Anytime you purchase new technology for your classrooms, it helps to begin by clearly defining your intended use. The brand is certainly important, but so is choosing the right equipment for your specific classroom requirements.


After you've decided to move forward with interactive whiteboards for your district, the size of each display is an important consideration. Since lesson presentations often center around text, choose display sizes that won't leave students in the back of the room wondering what's going on. On the other hand, smaller classrooms and tutoring situations may require a smaller screen size. Your equipment provider can provide help you make the right choices for each of your applications.


To get the most out of your interactive whiteboards, you'll need a variety of features for both the teacher and the students. Here's what to be on the lookout for:

  • Touchscreen controls — Students and teachers alike love the convenience of drawing, editing, and moving content with just their fingers.
  • Electronic pens — Make notations directly on the screen with an electronic pen.
  • LED backlighting — Bright, beautiful lighting makes presentations even more exciting and LED backlighting helps minimize challenges of less-than-perfect classroom lighting.
  • Real-time sharing — For truly interactive lessons, real-time data sharing lets teachers engage with individual students, respond immediately to student input, and improve participation.

Interactive whiteboards are a proven method for helping students succeed in the classroom. Contact us at American Business Equipment to learn more today!