Choosing Interactive Whiteboards for the Modern Classroom

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are a familiar sight in the modern classroom. If your school is in the process of upgrading from traditional to interactive whiteboards, consider the suggestions below for helping match features to your school's educational objectives.

Clarity and durability —Interactive whiteboards for the K-12 classroom should be designed to stand up to daily use and provide a vibrant, clear viewing experience for all students.

User-friendly features —Choose your school's interactive whiteboards with features that work well in a busy classroom environment. Teachers should be able to easily access the included features, with capabilities designed make their jobs easier. Look for features like:

  • Touch-screen controls that allow teachers and students to write, draw, make changes, and manipulate content with their fingers.
  • Electronic pens that provide a smooth, easy-to-read writing experience.
  • Data sharing features for enhanced learning experiences.
  • Save and print features that allow teachers to return to previous lessons, review content with students, and print student work for classroom display or student portfolios.

Multiple devices —Desktop computers are going the way of the printed textbook, and many schools now prefer tablets, USB drives, or smartphones to connect to their interactive whiteboards. If your school favors PCs, it may be wise to select interactive whiteboards that can also connect wirelessly to mobile devices.

Multiple users —For classroom use, most teachers want interactive whiteboards that allow several students to interact with the lesson at once. For this type of multi-student interactivity, several students at once should be able to write notes or answer questions, manipulate and move images on the screen, use a mouse, and erase entries.

Choosing interactive whiteboards for your classroom can be a bewildering experience if you're not familiar with the technology. Get in touch with a team member at American Business Equipment for friendly, professional assistance today!