Can Office Furniture Improve Employee Productivity?

person stretching in front of standing desk

Modern companies recognize that investing in the health of their employees is in their best interest. The popularity of on-site gyms complete with showers is a case in point. You don't have to invest in a full-service gym to invest in the health of your employees; however, you can start with better office furniture.

The Standing Desk

Standing desks are one of the best office furniture designs to hit the market in a long time, and we're glad they've become so popular. Here's why.


A CNN report verified that employees who use standing desks are more productive than those who sit to work. A study at a pharmaceutical company's call center showed surprising productivity gains of over 23% in just one month. Five months later, increases peaked at 53% over previous levels. These results are encouraging for employers. For a simple office furniture investment, businesses can expect measurable improvement in employee productivity.


Standing desks do more than increase productivity, and employees are often surprised by how much better they feel when they decrease their time in a chair. Here are a few of the health benefits attributed to standing desks.

  • Less weight gain. There's little doubt that sitting all day can cause weight gain. Standing requires more energy and burns more calories.
  • Lower blood sugar. A sedentary lifestyle, including sitting immediately following a meal, is proven to cause spikes in blood sugar. Standing for work reduces these risks.
  • Lower risk of heart disease. More time standing means less time sitting—a leading cause of poor heart health.
  • Less back pain. Lower back pain is a common complaint among workers who sit for hours each day. Standing desks give relief to some employees.

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