4 Interactive Whiteboard Apps Your Students Will Love

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are powerful tools that can take meetings from boring to engaging, and for the classroom, they're the new must-have tool for today's teacher. New apps for interactive whiteboards make the process even more exciting, allowing instructors and students to collaborate, brainstorm, organize and create in any subject area.

Here's a look at some of the latest apps for your school's interactive whiteboards.

  • AWW-A Web Whiteboard — AWW features easy-to-use tools that let instructors and students create art directly on the screen. With plenty of creative tools, colors, and a way to add text, AWW has a wide variety of uses and provides exciting drawing opportunities for the classroom. Teachers can also export saved drawings and invite participants directly from the toolbar. Free access lets users try out the app before committing to a purchase.
  • BaiBoard 3-Collaborative Whiteboard — Get more from your school's interactive whiteboards by stepping up your collaboration game. Reviewers call it "powerful," and site the easy navigation and tools that allow users to type and move text, draw arrows, highlight important points, and insert stencils as the app's best features. Get the app here.
  • Drawp for School - Create. Learn. Collaborate. — Kids love a blank canvas, and Drawp for School won't disappoint. Kids can share drawings and thoughts, and the included graphics are a launching point for creativity. One reviewer says it's worth the price and is an especially useful resource for K-3 classroom environments.
  • Explain Everything — Kids are naturally curious, and Explain Everything lets teachers create multimedia presentations to do just that. Teachers can import a wide variety of media, collaborate with the voice chat feature, and save their presentations in the cloud.

Interactive whiteboards can bring exciting new learning opportunities to your classroom. Contact us at American Business Equipment to find out more today!