3 Tips for a Professional Video Conferencing Meeting

video conferencing

Today's video conferencing systems use powerful technology solutions for as many as 30 users at one time. But even with technology on your side, a lot can happen to make your session less than satisfactory. Here's how to make sure you portray a professional image during company video conferencing meetings and brainstorming sessions.

1. Test, test, test.

It's easy to get overconfident and expect every video conferencing session to come off without a hitch. Test everything well in advance of your meeting to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Microphones: Can you be heard without shouting? Practice with your microphone, so you're familiar with both the optimal placement of your equipment and how to use the audio levels.
  • Lighting: Room lighting plays a critical role in every session. You don't want attendees straining just to get a glimpse through the gloom. Likewise, glare from windows or overhead lighting can make you disappear.
  • Settings: Are you familiar with the settings you're planning to use? If you're trying out new software, take some time to familiarize yourself with the features to avoid annoying distractions.

2. Dress for an in-person meeting.

Dress as carefully as you would for an in-person business meeting. For an on-camera meeting, experienced users know it's best to avoid wearing white, busy patterns, and loud colors, all of which can take on lives of their own and distract from your content.

3. Prepare the room.

During your practice session, examine the room for any distractions. Clutter, traffic noise, and sounds from other rooms can all ruin an otherwise productive meeting. And do what you can to keep others from entering the room. While we all enjoyed the hilarious barging-in baby of 2017, unexpected attendance by your children isn't usually recommended.

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